ZJ 7" Premium Long Arm Kit

ZJ 7" Premium Long Arm Kit
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    Definition: Insane articulation, accompanied by superior off road capability, remarkable ground clearance, exceptional "streetability," and unrivaled durability.

    We fabricated this definition when "ridiculous" was the only thought that kept coming back to us when we took this suspension out and abused it. Ridiculous describes this premium kit because it's nearly laughable how well it performs in every situation. Here's our definition broken down for the ZJ kit:
    • Articulation is amazing with this kit. You will easily use the complete travel your shock absorbers allow. We even include DT8000 shocks (longest that will fit without shock relocation) and BPE's for the front to allow an additional 7/8" of downtravel!
    • Capability versus stock is unbelievable. Not only are you 7" + tire size higher off the ground, but you have a suspension designed to conform to boulder strewn trails. Keeping your tires on the ground always equates to more traction, even without lockers. Traction is the key to off road capability, and you'll have a ton with this suspension.
    • Clearance is important in so many ways, we sometimes forget what it does for us. We're not just talking about the extra 7" the new coils will give you, but the other clearance sensitive parts too. The front long arms are designed to fit without tire interference up to 37"+ (tested thouroughly with 37x12.5x17 Goodyear MT/R tires on 17x8 wheels with 4" backspacing). That means you can turn lock to lock in any suspension position without fear that your tires will rub on the control arms. Didn't think that was possible with 37's, did you? The front subframe gains roughly 2" of ground clearance over the factory transmission crossmember!! A better breakover angle results and greatly reduces the possibility of high-centering. The front long arms are mounted as high as possible in the subframe so they are also super high clearance. The rear long arms are positioned in such a way that they should hardly ever even touch an obstacle on the trail, much less drag on something. Overall, by far the highest clearance kit available in every way. NOTE: 37" tires requires major fender trimming. Our tests were to conclusively prove that 37" tires will clear the control arms when turning. We recommend 35" tires with this suspension kit (with trimming).
    • Streetability is always important to our design process. This suspension had to feel and perform immaculately on the street before we gave it our stamp of approval. Even at 7" of lift you'll be completely impressed with the ride as you're cruising the interstate at 70 mph.
    • Durability makes this kit shine. Every part we manufacture is strong enough to hold up to anything you put in front of it. We use high quality thick wall D.O.M. and cold rolled solid steel for our control arms and track bars. All our subframe and bracket material is precision laser cut and formed from 1/4" steel plate. Needless to say, it's built to withstand a lifetime of abuse. We guarantee it.

    That pretty much sums it up. This is the one off the shelf kit that will offer you all of these things and more in one complete package. Try to find another kit that will give you even close to the same overall performance. Seriously compare this kit to anything else out there.

    1. This kit is 100% bolt on!! Strength is not compromised with this value added design feature. However, for those of you still concerned about strength, you can weld the subframes in or bolt AND weld them in (welding to the uniframe is complicated and should be done by an experienced professional welder). The choice is yours.
    2. Exhaust modification will be required for the rear long arm/subframe assemblies. We will have an exhaust specifically for this setup in the future.
    3. The front subframe is assembled from 3 pieces. This will allow you to remove the center section for transmission/t-case access while leaving the front suspension (long arms) installed.
    4. If your ZJ has the CV (with rubber boots) front driveshaft, you will need to convert to the double cardan style to accommodate the lift height. Your rear driveshaft will work with this kit.
    5. We do offer a heavy duty SYE for the 231 transfer case and a hack-n-tap SYE for the 231 and 242. Using a slip yoke eliminator has been proven to reduce and/or eliminate vibrations that may occur with taller lifts.

    Kit Includes:
    • Front and rear coil springs
    • Front and rear high clearance subframe assemblies
    • Front long arm system with Iron Y
    • Rear high clearance long arm system NOW WITH ADJUSTABLE LOWER ARMS STANDARD!!!
    • Heavy Duty Double shear track bar conversion (front)
    • Heavy Duty Rear adjustable track bar
    • Front and rear DT8000 prerunner shock absorbers
    • Bar pin eliminating shock relocation brackets
    • JKS Quicker Disconnects
    • Rear extended length sway bar links
    • Extended length stainless steel brake hoses
    • Coil spring retainers
    • NEW Drop pitman arm (not pictured)
    • All necessary hardware
    • Detailed Instructions

    Adjustable length is available upon request for an additional $100. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the adjustable version as they are built to order.

    We will need to know if you have the 2 hole or the 4 hole transmission mount in order to get you the correct subframe. See the photos here for reference:
    2 hole
    2 hole subframe
    4 hole
    4 hole subframe

    Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.
    Kit photos coming soon.

    IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: It is becoming quite common to swap a High Pinion Dana 30 from an XJ Cherokee into the ZJ to improve both driveshaft angles and strength. If you have swapped, or plan on doing this swap at the time you are installing your long arms, you will need to let us know. The reason for this is because the XJ and ZJ front axles DO NOT have the same mounting positions for the control arms. The ZJ long arms WILL bolt up to the XJ axle, but you will not have a desirable range of caster adjustment. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use the XJ long arms when you are also using the XJ High Pinion Dana 30 axle. Check the appropriate box above to tell us that you will need the XJ arms.

    Recommended tire size: 35"x12.50" – or metric equivalent

    Recommended wheel backspacing: 4.5"
    Larger tire sizes possible with bumper/fender trimming and/or extended bump stops.

    Estimated Installation Time: 15-18hrs

    Difficulty Level: 3

    Difficulty Legend

    1 - Kit includes basic components.

    2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

    3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

    4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

    NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.

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